Human Augmentation and
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

About the Lab

We develop tools and systems that combine human and machine intelligence (A.I.) to solve problems that neither humans nor machines can solve as effectively alone. More specifically, we develop new theoretical knowledge and practical tools for Augmented Intelligence (A-I): the enhancement of individual or collective cognitive function through the use of technology and social/environmental factors. Our laboratory develops methods, data and insights with implications for a broad range of application areas, and especially those where human decision making plays a critical role: law, health, finance and education. You can find our laboratory's latest publications on Google Scholar

Prof. Ghassemi

Is a assistant professor of Computer Science and Engineering at MSU and National Service Scholar at the National Institutes of Health. He holds graduate degrees from MIT, and Cambridge (UK). Before joining MSU, he was a director of data science at S&P Global, and a strategic consultant with BCG. You can learn more about Prof. Ghassemi here.

Latest News

Professor Ghassemi, was selected by the NIH's Office for Data Science Strategy (ODSS) as A Data and Technology Advancement (DATA) National Service Scholar. Starting in January 2020, he will be leading a team that spans 10 NIH institutes to Expand Theories of Brain Circuits Using Knowledge Integration.

Join us

If you are a graduate or undergraduate student that is interested in joining our lab, you can apply here.